My Synthetic Hair Extensions and Wig Care

I don't always tell my secrets but when I do, I'm going to give you all the necessary information that you'll need to have success with them...

This photo of above is me after a 3 hour surf session, maybe 4 I stopped counting since purchasing the warmest wetsuit I've had in a long time because the Ocean here in California feels like we're in the North somewhere.

I don't have any product on my Sewn in Weave other than some leave in IC Brazilian Oil that's Sulfate, Paraben and actually Oil free. Why they call it oil, I don't know, it's more of a serum that's a heat protector and for anti-frizz. I've been recommending this to my Clients for years. I'm sure the cold water locked in it but look how good it looks.

The Man behind the Camera didn't tell me to fix my hair or anything and I totally forgot..

However, because of regular maintenance of my Synthetic hair extensions I believe that's why they look this good. So here is some of daily / weekly routine I use to keep them looking like I just did something to them.

1. To prevent tangling, matting and dry looking Hair Extensions use Detangling Shampoo or Black Soap (yes, I actually use the Aliffia Authentic African Black Soap - All in One -Lavender) Vegan and Black owned. This is good stuff

2. Usually after my first wash or prior to my first wash, depending on what mood I'm in I pore about a half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar into my weave on my scalp to clear any sand, debris, buildup and dandruff that may be hiding under there. Keeps my scalp healthy and smelling fresh. Don't worry, the ACV will not linger in there.

3. Condition with Leave in Detangling Spray ( I prefer Paul Mitchell Taming Spra for Kids), I swear by this stuff, lol.

Once a Caucasian Grandmother came into my private room salon about 10 years ago with her Bi-racial Granddaughter, she tried to shampoo her hair with her own regular product and the Child's hair matted into dreadlocks that she couldn't take out for a week. I used almost a whole bottle on her very long, super thick hair and they were de-matted in less than an hour.

I have used this product religiously ever since, lol. I do have other favorites also but this is my top tier.

4. Moisturize between scalp if you have textured hair like mine with cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil. Here is the one I really like

5. I never comb my extensions only separate curls and finger comb as well as massage the oils into my scalp.

6. I don't ever put mouse on my wigs or weaves because the hair follicles are not open so it has no where to penetrate and just creates build up on top so I use the IC Brazilian Oil for frizz as well as for shine. A lot of Beauty Supplies don't carry this so here is the link

7. I usually air dry or warm dryer with cool shots to not melt my hair but the heat temps are pretty high for these fibers now so I don't usually worry about that.

8. I have not worn a scarf or bonnet in over 10 years, I sleep on a Silk or Satin pillowcase and have an extra one that I take with me on vacations. I usually buy the Black ones so you can't see the oil stains from my hair.

Hope this list helps you out, let me know if it does. Thank you for reading. Stay Healthy and Safe out there. Peace and Light.

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