My Best Wetsuit Review

Since purchasing my first wetsuit 7 years ago, which I still have for sentimental reasons, lol, when I was learning how to Bodyboard in the Ocean that cost $150 made by Rip Curl, it's just now starting really look very weathered and I should probably throw it away. I've had way too many that have torn apart after 6 Months that I bought after that one, this video above shows in detail how they've looked and what I liked about them. I've even returned a few I got on Amazon.

I discovered it's much better to try on or go look at in person so that you can see the quality and the thickness of them. Believe me, all Spring and Winter Wetsuits are not made the same. Making this video, I realized that I mainly have two brands that I keep buying and that is Roxy and Rip Curl. This Winter I have the 4/3 Roxy, I buy mostly blue colors because it's my favorite, I think that's why I choose it, however, it's only been a couple of Months and it has a couple of tear in it from me pulling it up over my behind. I remember the last few Roxy's I've had similar issues with but this time, I am going to see if I can call the Company and they fix that. My Rip Curl wetsuits have held up for at least 6 years before it has broken down and I do own one that someone had since the 70's that was great quality when they gave it to me and still looks great.

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