Indigenous Beach Culture Film Fest

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

People of Afro, Caribbean and Latin heritage are paving the way to represent themselves thru their lens, their own narrative about their athletic lifestyles in Beach Culture.

Where's the Black Beach goers on Television?

Picture the Intro from any Reality TV Series in Los Angeles... what do use see? Drone shot of the Hollywood Sign, next the Walk of Fame Stars then the appearance of a wealthy Woman walking with shopping bags happily down Rodeo Drive as a luxury Car is speeding down the Street, enter a Beautiful view of Palm Trees perfectly lined, then there's the Beach, Malibu with Surfers and Blondes laying out of playing Volleyball. So where is the Black People? No Black Shoppers, lol? No Black Surfers, no Black Roller skater, no Black Skateboarder and definitely No Black Women on the Beach playing Volleyball or even walking with friends right? in 2020?

A Film Festival celebrating Black and Brown Beach Culture

"Here is yet another reason we chant Black Lives Matter when it comes to representation of positive images of African Americans enjoying outdoor activities " says Mimi Miller, Author/Surf Vlogger. "We've seen the Karen's harass Bird watchers, joggers, a family swimming in a pool while being Black, this is why I felt the need to put on a Film Festival where we can enjoy short films thru our lens, from our own narrative, celebrating our unique relationships with nature and doing fun activities in our Beach life." The Indigenous Beach Culture Film Fest will be held in Leimert Park, West Los Angeles, California on Saturday October 24, 2020.