Lemons boost Metabolism

Surfing regularly, I really have to do all sorts of things to keep my weight at a balanced level to have stamina in the Ocean, so I recently was watching something on the gram about drinking Lemon juice (6 lemons a day) to lose 10lbs in one week.

From experience with many diets over the years, I do know for a fact that this type of weight loss is impossible to keep off unless you make some other changes in your eating or fitness routine. It did give me the inspiration to add more lemons to my water because it's hard staying as hydrated in the winter time then like I do in the Summer.

Lemons create an alkaline environment in the body and is great for curbing the appetite, boosting metabolism and supporting hydration.

On the flip side, it can give you heartburn and cause your tooth enamel to erode faster because of the acid. It's best to drink a lot of water and definitely brush your teeth after this right? I'm going to add a few for the next 30 days and see how it goes.