Forget the Hair look at my Glowing Skin!!!

I was going to talk about my summer hairstyles but I keep looking at how amazing my skin looks in these colors. The glow up my new plant-based anti-aging skincare is giving me is life.

Never really used skincare in my 20's and 30's other than a cocoa butter stick lol... so when I got in my 40's and worked at Ulta here in CA for 2 years as their Salon Manager in the back, I met dozens of skincare companies representatives who gave me so many free products that after I stopped working there, I had enough to last me for 2 more years. I often gave them away to many of my friends to try also to see which ones worked.

Although, I found some good ones, the price point was not sustainable and the chemicals they had in them were concerning to me. As a result, I would just go right back to just using coconut oil or shea butter on my face which worked for many years but once I hit 50, Honey, that all changed. I started noticing more fine lines and these bags under my eyes for burning the midnight oil, staying up late were definitely not leaving after a good night's rest, I was like oh heck no!!

For the past few years now, I have went back and forth to different products off Amazon to see which ones really work and let me tell you, this is my isshhh!!! Highly recommended, I love this trio set.. After 2 weeks, I noticed huge changes.. It's made from plants and the reviews were great so I am sold!! I mean look at my skin..

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