Décor for any Season

Maybe long Surfboards taking up half your living room may not be your taste but having a small one mounted on the wall would definitively add a unique look to your Beach n Surf Culture inspired living area.. I can't tell you how much joy the colors of the Sea can add to your space. I've had many different themes over the years for my home but this is the brightest it's every been.

For years I was attracted to dark, rich earth tones of brown, ebony and mahogany until I became a Surfer, although beautiful, it didn't represent my journey with my new lifestyle. Like the Egyptians in Ancient Kemet, colors were symbolic of life and experiences. Blue, Green and Turquoise represent life, rebirth. Gold was a representation of God's flesh, purity, royalty and the Sea...

I remember after years of wearing all Black to work because it was considered the most professional for my Career, I woke up one day realizing I had no less than 50 outfits that color. It would take me no less than an hour to find the one Black outfit I was looking for.

So, I decided that Blue was going to be my professional color but then it was so many beautiful hues of blue so it became my color of play and as you can see the color I live in also...

It's a happy color, an instant mood changer and these pillows I got from Amazon makes the room pop.

Sofa pillows are the best way to instantly begin changing your space's look as well as a throw cover.. My loveseat is a dark bluish-black color which you can't really tell from the accents of the variations of blue, some cream lights to keep up the whole year is what I'm doing anyway, along with some candles and there you can transform a small area into a sophisticated, coastal inspired theme.