Coastal Denim Style in crazy weather

Coastal weather this past weekend here in January was 55 degrees in the morning, 80 degrees in the afternoon, then 65 degrees by 4:30 pm and kept dropping until Sunrise back into the 50's. Since I've lived in Los Angeles, this seems to be an average occurrence staying within 10 degrees up or down in given Season. I see most Surfer Dudes with flip flops and basketball socks tucked between their toes, shorts with flannel jackets and the majority of Women, dress in layers like myself.

Underneath this Demin button down dress/ shirt/ light sweater is a tank top and I could've had a turtleneck on also for extra warmth, then removed as the day got warm.

I love long shirts like this with enough thickness to be warm because they really do serve lots of purposes to go from comfy to happy hour casual , although I'm not hanging out or going to places these days other than to surf and back home to work. However, I still like to be stylish but comfortable. Hope there was a tip in this.

If you'd like to find this style