Bruce Beach is our Black History

Updated: Apr 15

This is also where I have sat in the park eating lunch, other times gazing at a Sunset, meeting up with friends to have a Girls day or paddling out with other Black Surfers to catch some Waves.

I've been coming to Bruce Beach since 2010 but it wasn't until 2015 when I found out about the disgusting tragedy that happened to the Bruce Family Homes and Resort's they had on this beautiful land I stand on. This was a thriving Business for them that attracted the upper Middle Class African Americans as well as Black Celebs of their time.

Racial animosity grew very high in the 1920's where they were being constantly harassed, property destroyed and kkk acts of terrorism, where the City took the land by imminent domain leaving it's residence homeless and fleeing for their lives in distraught.

The NAACP organized a "Swim in" in 1927 after being arrested for swimming in the waters of Manhattan Beach, where they fought the charges and won, resulting in an overturn of the City's condemnation which made the Beach open again to the public but the land was not.

For many years this History had gone silent until Benard Bruce back in 2006 made sure it was recognized that his Family got their due recognition of owning the land and a Monument along with the City Representatives giving a formal apology for the past wrongs.

This Black owned land was built by the very hard work Charles and Willa Bruce. I heard at the Press Conference Mayor Mitch Ward it was Willa who spearheaded this Entrepreneurial project with her own money with the support of her Husband.

I've also heard through the Oral History of their family member, Gary Bruce that they once owned Bruce's canned goods but can't prove it legally anymore.

They settled here in hopes of a better life, stability and a legacy for their Generations to inherit. This was supposed to be a safe Haven for African Americans published in The Negro Travelers Green Book" where it's visitors could find rest and mental wellness but was forcibly taken under duress.

This past week on Friday April 9th, 2021,the Former Mayor Mitch Ward and Supervisor Janice Hahn held a Press Conference to talk about how to pay the Family Reparations for this stolen land. It was a remarkable day indeed, making national headlines. Justice for their Legacy is in movement. Here is the Full Press Conference on my YouTube Channel.

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