Black Soap for Hair and Skin really works

I grew up having the worst eczema on the back of my neck, the back of my legs, the inside of my forearms would be so itchy, I would scratch them til they bled and my face and scalp were patchy with scales of dry skin.

I was allergic to everything . In my late 20's when I started going Plant based and stopped eating red meat, I also cut out all the chemicals I was using on my skin as well as the household because they were probably making me sick too..

All that to say, this is not some random photo, it's actually my African Black Soap by Alaffia that is an all in one in the Bathroom that I have used religiously for 20 years.

This particular Brand is not only Black owned, it's Vegan, biodegradable, paraben free, has no synthetic fragrance, no mineral oil, no synthetic dyes, no animal testing and no SLS. They use their profits to empower Women and Families in Togo, West Africa.. Just read about it and check it out for yourself.. Available on Amazon, here is the link