5 Benefits of being near the Ocean

To be completely honest, I rarely see unhappy People at the Beach. Maybe if they almost drown or don't catch a Wave on their Surfboard or they get some crazy sunburned skin but other than that, The Beach is a happy place for the majority of the 120 Million that visit here in Southern California alone.

Thanks to our Oceans that make up 71% of our Earth's surface produces over half of the World's oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon monoxide than our atmosphere which explains why it is known to give our Brain's a rest and helps us to breathe better taking in better quality air.. The slogan "Water is Life" is the best statement about it because

  1. It increases immune system function

  2. Helps promote relaxation

  3. Relieves Stress

  4. Promotes passion for living

  5. Ocean water is also detoxifies the large intestines.

So in conclusion, go get some of that Beach Therapy, it'll be great for your Spirit... but if it doesn't please don't come back, we don't need that kind of negativity.

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